World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion Announced

World of Warcraft: Legion

World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion Announced

World of Warcraft, a long living popular MMO seems to have a new expansion coming up. Such news was announced by Blizzard, WoW developers. The cinematic was screened where Orc was setting up the events and Illidan the Betrayer making a come-back.

World of Warcraft: Legion seems to revolve around the Burning Legion invasion. The other new features will include: new continent, Broken isles, level cap rise to 110, new Honor System, Artifact Weapons, new dungeons and raids. Also, a new Hero Class – Demon Hunters – will be introduced.

Let’s take a deeper look into the WoW: Legion. The new continent, Broken Isles, is a forgotten land of Azeroth which used to be a Night Elf civilization. Sadly, it was destroyed and now the continent is a graveyard. Demon Hunter Hero Class has a story of Illidan, sending his elite agents to the suicide mission so the introduction of the new class is all about the “true meaning of sacrifice”.

There will be quite a bunch of Artifacts in World of Warcraft: Legion. There will be 36 of them available for each specialization. You can earn Artifact Power that could be used to get traits and customize your weapons.

World of Warcraft: Legion will also come with a restored PvP Honor System that will have a talent system with new perks and bonuses. There will also be a Prestige rank added to the game. Also, beta is awaited to appear later this year. So stay tuned!

New scenarios and surrounding is waiting for you in World of Warcraft: Legion. If you can’t live without missions, challenges and tasks, this game is definitely the one you are looking for. It’s full of hints, secret places and possibilities to play in way you want. It’s the reason why World of Warcraft: Legion - Blizzard game is so popular – everyone likes freedom and making decisions on their own. If you want to experience some action, join a huge players’ community!

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